Notifying Landlord or Property Manager of Intention to Leave

Enough Is Enough: How to Deal with Bad Tenants | Reedy & CompanyAs a tenant, it is crucial to inform your landlord way ahead of time that you intend to move out of the property you have been renting. One of the critical documents required to do this is the Notice of Intent to Vacate. It is a document that serves as written proof that you have informed the landlord about your intention to move out and also specifies the date you plan to do so. In this blog post, we will explore the Notice of Intent to Vacate template and why it is essential to have one.


  1. What is a Notice of Intent to Vacate Template?


The Notice of Intent to Vacate Template is a guideline designed to help tenants give proper notice to their landlords, detailing their intent to vacate the rental property. This document includes crucial details such as the tenant’s name, the rental property’s address, and the move-out date. The template also highlights any requirements or instructions concerning the notice’s submission, such as how it should be submitted and to whom it should be addressed.


  1. Why is a Notice of Intent to Vacate Template important?


The Notice of Intent to Vacate Template is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that tenants provide their landlords with adequate notice before moving out, which helps in preventing any misunderstandings and disputes that may arise later, such as unexpected rent payments or issues with returning security deposits. Secondly, it shows that tenants have met their lease agreement’s requirements by giving sufficient notice before vacating the property, thus avoiding any penalties for breaking lease terms.


  1. What should a Notice of Intent to Vacate Template include?


A Notice of Intent to Vacate Template should include the following critical information:


– The tenant’s name and the rental property’s address

– The date the notice is being submitted

– The move-out date and time

– The reason for moving out (optional)

– Contact information for the tenant (phone number, email, forwarding address)

– The name of the new tenant (if subletting)


  1. Tips for writing a Notice of Intent to Vacate


When writing a Notice of Intent to Vacate, it is essential to keep the following tips in mind:


– Be clear and concise in your language, specifying the move-out date and reason for leaving if applicable.

– Be professional and courteous in your wording, as this document will be reviewed by the landlord and may be used as an official record.

– Submit the notice via certified mail or hand-delivery with a signature to ensure proper delivery and receipt of the document.


In Short:


A Notice of Intent to Vacate Template is an essential document that every tenant must have when moving out of a rental property. It ensures that landlords receive proper notice before tenants vacate the property and helps avoid any misunderstandings that may arise in the future. By following the guidelines outlined in this post, tenants can ensure that they are legally compliant, professional, and courteous when submitting their notice.