Seasonal Flowers Houston, TX

Seasonal Flowers Houston, TX

Flowers are influenced by seasons as some flowers bloom in certain seasons and others in different seasons. During raining season there is no need to water the flowers because rainwater is best for plants. After all, it contains many nutrients and minerals that suit the flower. When access to rainwater is not available and irrigation is quite expensive all you have to do is to use tap water or fetch water in a bucket depending on the capacity of the farm. When you’re done watering a bed, you should be able to scrape back an inch of soil with your finger and still see moist soil, if you see dry dirt, keep watering to get to the roots. Some of the flowers start from seed but I have to let you know that starting your flowers from seed is time-consuming because the seedlings require more care and need a longer time to grow. But flowers that have been grown in the nursery are easier to grow but the only turn-off is that it is capital intensive. If you are translocation the flower from the nursery to the garden the is not within the Houston Texas areas you need to do proper soil profiling, and soil analysis for adaptation. If you start plants from seeds, you can either plant them in a smaller pot and leave them somewhere separate from your larger outdoor garden, or you can plant the seeds directly into your garden. When planting seeds, you should water them immediately upon planting them and then continue to gently water them. When planting cold-weather flowers, you should plant flowers much later than recommended in most planting guides or on seed packets, you don’t have to plant for the winter season because Houston’s temperature is relatively warm and not suited for cold-weather plants because Houston doesn’t get cold until late November/December. But when planting for Spring and summer flowers, they can be planted 1-2 months earlier than recommended depending on the temperature recommendations on the seed packets.

Winter Flowers for Texas


Cyclamen plants are also known as Cyclamen persicum is winter flowers suited to the cooler months of the Texas climate. Best when planted from October through November, cyclamens display showy flowers in pink, red, white, or maroon with variegated green heart-shaped leaves. This Flower blossom shade in well-drained soil that should be watered when the. It grows to a height of 1 foot. You can get this through most floral delivery in houston.

Johnny Jump-Ups

Johnny-jump-ups is a seasonal flowers houston, tx that grows during Houston Texas winters. johnny jump-up flowers are small in size, with more abundant bloomers,  greater and heat resistance. Their flowers come in purple, lavender, and yellow and strives during cooler temperatures. They grow up to 1 foot in height.


Dianthus plants, also referred to as parfait dianthus and parfait pinks, are annual plants that offer blooms during Houston Texas’ winter season and it’s a beautiful natural ornament, and can be offered as Houston classic bouquet

Lenten Roses

Lenten roses are shrubs that grow very well during the winter climate of Texas. This beautiful plant displays small flowers in single and bi-colors appearance like red color, purple, pink, white, blue and green with green. This piece of beauty grows up to 18 inches.

South Texas Winter Flowers

Unlike the former, South Texas Winter Flowers strive well in higher temperatures like the  Geranium, Primrose, and Pansy.

Texas Annual Flowers

They include Pansies, Snapdragons, Periwinkles, Sweet, and Alyssum.

Flowers That Bloom All Season

Hybrid Tea Rose, Fringed Bleeding Heart, Zinnia, Pansy