What Is A Medicare Advantage Plan?

What Is A Medicare Advantage Plan?

When it comes to Medicare, seniors will notice the available options for healthcare coverage. This is where a Medicare Advantage Plan helps. Though it’d be nice if everyone could receive quality care from Medicare alone, a Medicare Advantage Plan helps supplement Medicare’s benefits and bring them up to date with modern medicine and technology.

How Much Does A Medicare Advantage Plan Cost?

Medicare Advantage plans can offer lower costs, but they’re more expensive than Medicare if your healthcare needs are minimal. The cost of a Medicare Advantage plan depends on the health plan options you choose, your age, and whether you have Part D prescription drug coverage through a private insurer or from the government.

Enrolling In A Medicare Advantage Plan

Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan is a great way to get the coverage you need while giving you access to the quality care you deserve. These plans will provide supplemental coverage, including prescriptions, vision and hearing exams, dental benefits, and even extra help paying for your Medicare Part B premium. As with Original Medicare, these plans may have additional restrictions and cost-sharing requirements.

Medicare Advantage plans are a type of Medicare health plan that combines Original Medicare benefits with those of a private health insurance company. They help cover some of the cost of Medicare-covered services. You can choose how you want your care to be managed, but you must also pay lower cost-sharing fees than you would if enrolled only in Original (Parts A and B) benefits. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Medicare Advantage Plan?

The major benefit of a Medicare Advantage Plan is that you are enrolled in Medicare and can receive the full benefits. You will have access to health care from doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers throughout the United States. If you are hospitalized or received skilled nursing services at home for 90 days or more, Medicare coverage will continue for an additional 365 days after your entitlement has ended.

Why Choose A Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for seniors, the disabled, and those who have reached retirement age. Medicare Part insurance starts at 65 years old and includes hospital coverage, medical coverage, and prescription drug coverage. If you want more than health insurance coverage, but less than a traditional Medicare premium, a Medicare Advantage Plan could be the right option for you. Here’s what you need to know about choosing an Advantage plan over Original Medicare.

What Is An HMO Or PPO Medicare Advantage Plan?

HMO, PPO, and Medicare Advantage Plans can be confusing. They all offer different levels of coverage, but they share some basic characteristics. Medicare Advantage plans are managed care plans that combine Medicare Part A, B & D, and sometimes supplemental insurance. HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization and covers care received through a network of doctors and other providers.

PPO is an abbreviation for preferred provider organization; this type of plan allows members to see any doctor or specialist who participates in the network but usually requires that you first visit a primary care physician or specialist designated by the plan before receiving treatment from one not listed as a preferred provider.